If you want to raise your company's profile at the highest levels of the Scottish media – coming to The Write PR means you've come to the right people.

Getting businesses noticed is what we do. And we've been doing it very creatively and successfully for the last eight years.

The foundation of this success is our experience combined with a unique access to the people that matter.

We know all the right faces in all the right places. We know all the right doors on all the right floors.

Getting your business noticed means giving editors the kind of stories they want.

How do we know what they want? Well, we like to think it's because we used to be editors ourselves.

The Write PR is owned and managed by Fiona Black, one of Scotland's leading lifestyle journalists. For sixteen years she was fashion editor of the Daily Record.

And her team are also well known journalists who between them have decades of experience in the media industry.

Anyone these girls don't know, isn't worth knowing - and more importantly, the journalists across Scotland know that Fiona has a winning team that can deliver the stories they're looking for.

How many PR firms can personally access the editors of Scotland's leading newspapers and broadcast outlets with a phone call?

We suggest only one. And hopefully you are about to do business with it.